Sunday service

in-person | sundays at 10a | 

312 e. wood street, palatine, Illinois

live online | sundays at 10.15a

good news

we believe the timeless truths of the Bible and the story of God they explain. we don’t just want to know these truths, but live them as well. so, our statement of beliefs is organized as a narrative of how we become + bring the good news to our neighborhood.

the triune God created a perfect world for man to enjoy and a perfect word to reveal Himself.

our sin punctured the perfection of creation and ruptured man’s relationship with God + each other.

Jesus’ sacrificial death on the cross + resurrection from the grave makes provision for man’s sin once + for all.

when the Holy Spirit opens a person’s mind + heart to acknowledge their sin + Jesus’ substitution, they receive the gift of salvation.

although God’s final judgement + kingdom is still to come, because of Jesus’ resurrection, fullness of life + joy is available to all in the here and now.


the pattern of biblical giving is described most concisely in 2 corinthians 9.6-7, consistent + sacrificial + generous + cheerful we want our church to model these ideals, both in how our members give to the church and in how our church gives to our community.

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