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Romans 12:16; Galatians 6:10


John 13:35; Galatians 6:1


2 Timothy 2:15; Colossians 3:16


James 1:17; Ecclesiastes 3:12-13

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Are we an Evangelical Church?

Over the last few years the word ‘evangelical’ has increasingly become understood in culture as a voting block as much as a theological coalition. The chaotic era of 2016-20 has many people re-examining the label to see if it still fits. So it’s fair to ask, is Good News in the Neighborhood an evangelical church?

I was raised, educated, and discipled by a variety of conservative evangelical institutions. Evangelicalism as the large, broad coalition of white Christianity in America was organized in the late 1940’s, personified by the ministry of Billy Graham. Evangelicals wanted to hold strong to biblical truth as a contrast to the slippage they saw in mainline denominations. They also wanted an outward focus as a contrast to the insular fundamentalists. The movement (which claims 1/4 of Christians worldwide) is framed around 4 ideas:

  • the work of Jesus on the cross
  • a personal response to that work
  • a high regard for the Bible
  • a commitment to tell as many people as possible


Do you nod your head as you read that list, wishing evangelicals had stayed a little more focused on their main components? 

I believe the church must make a critical shift in how these 4 concepts are executed and perceived to be fruitful in the generations ahead. If we want to be multi-ethnic, Bible-teaching, and life-giving, we must love + listen well.

In summary, We are an evangelical church in the sense that we believe the things the evangelical church believes, but not in the sense of having a fixed political ideology.

– Pastor Luke MacDonald


Our Team

Founding Pastor Luke + Kristen Macdonald

We love the good news. We are giving our lives to trying to spread it. Our ministry passions are clear bible teaching, ethnic diversity, and growing our ability to truly love each other.

Previous to starting Good News in the Neighborhood, Luke was an associate pastor at Faithful Central Bible Church, a historic African American congregation in South Los Angeles. Before that, Luke was a pastor at Harvest Bible Chapel for 13 years, serving as a youth pastor, helping start Vertical Worship, and leading many initiatives + ministries. He has degrees from Moody Bible Institute + Talbot School of Theology.

We are high school sweethearts who have grown up into partners in life and ministry. We are raising three lions and a princess – Carter (12), Reid (10), Graham (8) and Felicity (3).

Luke loves playing golf and a good book. Kristen loves hospitality + a long walk with a loved one. Our family loves sports, rooting hard for the Chicago Cubs, Chicago Bears and Tottenham Hotspur.

Together we write a newsletter that drops every Saturday morning, ‘Good News Weekly.’

Co-Founder, Laura Weigle

Previous to starting Good News In The Neighborhood, Laura worked for 12+ years in corporate finance followed by 4 years in church ministry. In addition to being a small business owner, her expertise includes managing complex programs/projects, delivering excellence on-time and on-budget as well as managing creative teams.

Laura and her husband, Lucas, live with their two children in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. Lucas loves old homes (he owns and operates a home inspection business), Talking Heads, and creating fun experiences for their kids. Laura loves reading, 90’s hip-hop, and Super Mario Bros. 3. Together, they love sharing the good news of Jesus Christ to old and new friends.

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