we think about engaging in our church less like a pipeline or pathway (where the steps are sequential) and more like a buffet (which maybe after COVID is a bad analogy :).

we want to help you become + bring the good news. you are invited and welcomed to engage in the things we do together in whatever order and frequency helps your spiritual growth. rather than thinking of some activities as spiritual formation and some as evangelism, we believe all of the things we do should be both.

good news weekly

a weekly YouTube show + email newsletter. we are hopeful that the devotionals, conversations + book reviews help you process life in this crazy world. – SUBSCRIBE | WATCH | LISTEN

sunday service / good news kids

in-person + online, we study the bible + sing + pray + try to encourage each other. – ATTEND

morning hour

a variant on traditional connect or small groups, we follow a set pattern of bible reading + prayer + brief teaching + time for people to connect with each other. while they are open to all, choosing a set day/time is a great way to build relationships in our church. – JOIN ONE

good news truck / long term outreach

we want to be generous and useful to our community in small tangible ways, yet also invest deeply for the long term. we are forming teams and developing several long term strategies to help

serving / giving / praying

we need people to serve in all the ministry above. we need financial partners to give to support all the ministry above. we need faithful folks to pray for all the ministry above. – VOLUNTEER TO HELP