Hey Neighbor,

I am writing to invite you to participate in our special ‘Summer Fruit’ offering on June 11. We have had a
wonderful first half of 2023. Our church reached new people, served in new ways, and continued to fulfill our
mission. As we grow, we need new generosity to help us take next steps.

In the summer of 2021, the church gave sacrificially to purchase 312 E. Wood St. In the spring of 2022, the church
gave sacrificially to complete phase 1 of our renovations. In the summer of 2023, you are invited to make a sacrificial gift to help us take new ground + wisely prepare for the future.

This is a free will offering. What I mean is, you don’t OWE anything. I desire in NO way to make our faithful
givers feel like their faithful contributions aren’t enough. Our bills are paid and we are not in emergency mode.
Candidly, my hope is for this moment to instigate some of our newer folks to jump in and help. This offering is
an expression of love. This isn’t flowers for for your spouse on Valentine’s Day, an obligation. This is flowers on a
random day as an overflowing of appreciation.

We have 3 goals we want to accomplish

Sanborn Elementary – Every Sunday when I preach, if I look out the window to my right, I see Sanborn
Elementary School. Over 50% of their student population is on free/reduced lunch due to economic
hardship. At the invitation of the schools principal, we want to partner with ‘Blessings in a Backpack’ to
send every one of those children home with fresh food every weekend next school year. As strange as it may
sound to some of us, this is a real need. For $75 per child ($15,000 total), we can take care of every student
in need between school starting and Christmas break. If the program works as we hope, we would plan to
make this part of our monthly budget in 2024.

Elementary Kids Area – Our Good News Kids team has done a great job in helping our old building be a good place for our kids. While we spent money in the remodel on the pre-school/nursery area, we have done little downstairs. As more kids show up on Sundays, we want to provide a better environment for them to learn about God. For $10,000, we will be able to get new furniture, a more vibrant room, new table games, and a curtain to allow for better separation of the large downstairs area during break-out time.

Boiler Fund – We want to put $10,000 in a separate account to start building toward the day we inevitably need a new HVAC system. We have had several repairs already on the 40+ year old system we inherited and we may be on borrowed time. We want to start saving for the eventual day we have no choice but to replace it, desiring not to come to you in an emergency but on a ‘sunny’ day.

Our goal for Sunday, June 11 is $35,000, above our normal monthly giving. If you choose to give online, we have aspecial fund set up for you to choose. If you want to give by mail, just add ‘special offering’ to the memo line.God chose us to live for Him in a challenging place and a challenging generation, the work we are doing in ourcommunity is having an impact + your generosity can multiply it, thank you for your prayerful consideration.

this is good news,

on behalf of the Good News Team

can we keep in touch?

mail check to:

good news in the neighborhood, inc
312 e. wood street
palatine, Illinois 60067